In Lack'ech Ala K'in

In Mayan tradition, it means “I am another yourself”. It’s a greeting honoring each other. A statement of unity and oneness.


Immerse yourself in the worlds of Ayurveda, Camino Rojo, and Yoga in the heart of Sierra Nevada.

This is 7 day spiritual yoga retreat in the Andalusian mountains. The mental, physical, and spiritual practices focus on self-compassion and its power to eliminate cycles of karma.

Wake up to the sunrise with daily morning and evening asana practice. Sit in daily meditation and fire ceremonies. Delight in mouthwatering meals and Ayurvedic tea, engaging in discussions about mastering the mind and freeing the soul.



Each of us has a unique perspective of the Tao, a Te, an Atman, a Soul. We are a unique expression of the universe, individual pieces of a collective consciousness. Because of this, a word, a scent or a thought may be just what someone else needs to trigger a shift in perspective. Through no effort of our own, these moments are divinely lead and happen when we rest in the truth of who we are.

When we surround ourselves with people of intention who accept each other as medicine, collective transformation occurs. This is what we strive to achieve during our retreats, a communion of hearts, minds, and spirits that dance and evolve as one.



The language of the Tao is subtle and mostly misunderstood. It can take lifetimes to comprehend its dynamics and cadence, not because of its complexity but rather due to our inability to still the mind and let go.

Now more than ever, we are bombarded by stimuli from our environment and painfully distracted from listening to our inner song. Our addiction to electronic devices has made us believe that not being “connected” is boring and time wasting, when in fact being “connected” has severed us from the way of the Tao.

Our Five Elements Retreat Center in Xico aims to heal and nurture the connection to your fundamental virtue and the Cosmos. From the time you awaken until the moment you rise again, you’ll be surrounded by the greatest master of all, Nature.


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