How I Returned To Where I Started To Know Myself For The First Time

The Digital Aztec King It’s 3 AM in the morning and I’m still at the office. I’m writing the final code modules for a system we are developing for Latin America’s largest music production company. My eyes hurt and my back is killing me, it seems I’ve been under the coder’s high for hours. I take… Continue reading How I Returned To Where I Started To Know Myself For The First Time

What are Caminatas?

The word “caminata” can mean different things in different cultures. In the context of KYI’s spiritual Yoga retreats, caminatas are long walks where Nature helps you confront hidden aspects of your psyche. Traditionally, our caminatas happen after fasts or Veladas, where intensive work has been done to commune with spirit and the ego has been… Continue reading What are Caminatas?

What are Veladas?

Veladas are nocturnal spiritual gatherings aimed at progressing the practitioners towards the very ultimate expression of their lives in this reality. At a personal level, they are tokens of goodwill offered as a symbol of our desire to evolve in our path. Veladas go by different names depending on tradition. For example, in Hinduism and… Continue reading What are Veladas?

What is Zazen?

Photo of Taïkan Jyoji, the Falaise Verte Center’s founder. He has been the representative of Myoshin-ji affiliated Rinzai Zen for Europe since his official recognition by Yamada Mumon Rôshi in 1976. In Zen Buddhism, zazen literally means “seated meditation”. In general, it can be regarded as a means of insight into the nature of existence. The… Continue reading What is Zazen?

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Basic Himalayan Meditation Framework

A systematic meditation framework for helping you go from gross to subtle concentration. This post mentions concepts explained in “What’s Wrong With Your Meditation?”. If you haven’t read it, I suggest starting with that article first and then applying the techniques outlined here. The following framework comes from the Himalayan masters; from Patanjali to Swami Jnaneshvara Bjarati,… Continue reading Basic Himalayan Meditation Framework

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What’s Wrong With Your Meditation?

What's Wrong With Your Meditation?

Most people jump into meditation without preparing for it.

They sit and try to quiet their inner monolog, avoid thinking, or have their mind control their body. While doing that the following thoughts might come to their mind…

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Language Is A Tool

You tap into another level of consciousness when you understand that language is a tool and not the only means for connection. Words often get in the way of what is really going on. It’s our dependency on words that encourage us to use labels and attach ourselves to spoken intelligence. If we put words… Continue reading Language Is A Tool

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Should I Go On A Retreat?

The answers you seek reside within. Retreats offer a change in environment and perspective, sometimes, that is all you need to start living at your fullest potential.