Ayurveda —Foods To Avoid For Pitta Dosha

Ayurveda —Foods To Avoid For Pitta Dosha

**If you already know about the doshas, you can skip this part…

In Ayurvedic medicine, everyone has a specific dosha that determines the kinds of foods, activities and lifestyle that is best suited for their unique combination.

The doshas are based on the elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. and are categorized by VataPitta, and Kapha. When these three doshas are in balance, mentally, spiritually, and physically, good health is experienced. When our doshas are out of balance, we begin to experience illness.

Once you’ve determined your dosha, you will have a better idea of how to care for your combination and live a healthier, more balanced life.

Qualities of Pitta
Physically they are hot, as in, they have high body temperatures.
Emotionally they are angry with strong feelings of hate and irritable.
Mentally they are sharp with memory and understanding.
Spiritually they are good at affecting, reaching people.

Pitta Disorders
Heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, and ulcers.
Spreading of acne or rash.
Inflammation in the body.
Diarrhea, hemorrhoids.
Excess urine and sweat
Hunger and excess thirst.

If you find yourself with a Pitta imbalance, avoid these foods until you are able to pacify Pitta or eliminate forever. For the purposes of keeping it simple in this article, I will only cover fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and legumes.

FRUITS to avoid:

*Most sour fruit
– Apples
– Apricots
– Bananas
– Berries
– Cranberries
– Grapefruit
– Grapes (green)
– Lemons
– Mangoes
– Oranges
– Peaches
– Persimmons
– Pineapple
– Plums
– Rhubarb
– Tamarind 

VEGETABLES to avoid:

– Beet Greens
– Beets (raw)
– Burdock Root
– Daikon Radish
– Garlic
– Green Chilies
– Horseradish
– Leeks (raw)
– Mustard Greens
– Olives (green)
– Onions (raw)
– Peppers (hot)
– Radishes (raw)
– Spinach (raw)
– Tomatoes
– Turnip Greens
– Turnips

NUTS to avoid:

– Almonds (with skin)
– Black Walnuts
– Brazil Nuts
– Cashews
– Filburts
– Hazelnuts
– Macadamia Nuts
– Peanuts
– Pecans
– Pine Nuts
– Pistachios
– Walnuts

GRAINS to avoid:

– Bread (with yeast)
– Buckwheat
– Corn
– Millet
– Oats
– Rye

LEGUMES to avoid:



If you find yourself with symptoms of an imbalanced Pitta, avoid these foods and refer to Recommended Foods For Pitta Dosha.

With extra care and attention, you’ll soon be on your way towards balanced healing.

Want some tridoshic options that are balancing for everyone? 

Recommended Foods For All Doshas



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