8 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas That Scream “I Consciously Love You”

We’re getting close to the “gift-giving holidays” and this is the perfect time to give your loved ones eco-friendly options that say "I love you and Mother Earth too." 

For The Self-Love Enthusiast

100% Plant-Based Body Oils by BelloBody Skincare

The gift of self-love. Body oils, facial oils, body butter and more. Ultimate pampering with ingredients that come straight from the earth; no chemicals AT ALL. Plus, surprisingly affordable! BelloBody is eager to share mother earth’s bounty and believes that everyone should be able to afford natural skincare. Check out their apothecary.

For The DIY + Crafty Types

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by Malaquita

To truly live an eco-friendly life, you need that tools that will allow you to create all the things you will no longer buy. Making your own cleaning products? Citrus or tea tree oils. Beauty products? Herbal oils. Browse all of the available essential oils at Malaquita.

For The Health + Wellness Nut

Ayurvedic Medicinal Teas by Kiva Yoga Institute.

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science ever recorded. It believes in bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance to gain and maintain well-being. There medicinal teas for diabetes, digestive issues, heart problems, anxiety, and even sore throats. Teas are made to order with high quality herbs and tea packets are recyclable. Browse through all of the medicinal teas in the KYI shop.

For The Gardening + Plant Lovers

Easy Indoor Herb Garden by Click And Grow

Farm fresh is what everyone’s talking about these days but not everyone has access to a farm. For those apartment dwellers or homey types that are looking at awakening their green thumb, this Smart Herb Garden allows you to grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen.

For The Books + Philosophy Buffs

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Enlightenment by Lao Tzu.

Filled with quote-worthy wisdom and insight for those who love philosophy and anyone who’s looking to uncover the deeper parts of themselves through ancient texts. This book acts as a guide, or life manual for those seeking to walk the path of the master.

This All-New Translation by William Scott Wilson, translates directly from the source. You can find it on Amazon.

For The Alternative Fashion Addicts

Zero-Waste Super Fashion by Zero Waste Daniel

This company is one of a handful of clothing brands that are leading the change to a zero-waste blueprint. No piece of fabric gets thrown out. Everything gets used. Their stores are also zero-waste as there is no packaging. The world is a changing and it’s companies like Zero Waste Daniel that create opportunities for fashion to co-exist with a happier earth. Check out these awesome yoga pants!

For The Home + Kitchen 

The “Any Milk You Want” Maker by SoyaJoy

This machine has been regarded as the best soy milk maker on the market. Store bought soy milk only contains 2% of soy to the gallon. Plus it’s full of preservatives, natural flavors and colorings. The SoyaJoy G4makes chemical free milk from soy, quinoa, rice and more.

For The Self-Explorers + Wanderlusts

Meditation, Ayurveda and Plant Medicine Yoga Retreat in Xico, Mexico by Kiva Yoga Institute

The greatest gift you can give to someone, is an experience. Ideal for those needing to disconnect with the world and reconnect with themselves. KYI retreats offer the perfect space to take it slow, spend time in nature and gather valuable life hacks through the practice of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and plant medicines. Next retreat is deep in the forests of Xico.

If you have suggestions on other zero-waste products or eco-friendly businesses that should be included in this article, send me an email with info to krystal@kiva.yoga.