Do Natural Disasters Really Bring Out The Best In People?

Lately, there has been a consistent and worldly presence of natural disasters. We can’t deny that something is up with Mother Nature and the elements are reacting! Social media has been a powerful tool to bring awareness of each other and the struggles we face, not as countrymen but as human beings. But if we’re not careful of how we perceive social media, we can get caught up in the panic and chaos. This panic is amplified while scrolling through videos, photos, and posts that are meant to keep popular content circulating. However, we can’t blame Facebook for doing what it does. As my husband says, “It’s not the tool, it’s how we use it.”

The good news is, amidst highlights of devastation and fear mongering, people are learning how to use social media to organize positive change.

We’ve seen friends from all over helping out at shelters after the earthquakes in Mexico, collaborating on art auctions to raise money for Puerto Rico and fundraisers for the Caribbean. Humans everywhere have been seen riding the altruistic train. If true colors are shown in the face of adversity, I am both grateful and inspired by all that felt the spark of life and consciously decided to make a difference. You are the heroes.

Send loving, healing and creative energy to all of those effected by these natural disasters. They are no joke and it’s never a disaster until it happens to you. For the “lucky” ones, be grateful to be in a position where you can help and offer what you can when needed.

After the shock and awe of has dwindled, most unaffected people continue with their lives the same way they left it. You could say this is good, you could say this is bad or you could just observe it. That all depends on your own internal compass and how you perceive the world.

The bigger question asks, “Once life goes back to normal, how is your life affecting the lives of other beings you share this planet with?” If that’s too abstract, try this! Name one thing you can change in your daily routine that other living beings and the planet will benefit from.

Whether we choose to accept it or not, the earth is undergoing a vital and expansive transformation.

Depending on who you ask, this transformation may or may not be a consequence of human influence. In my opinion, “power in numbers” means our current population of 7.6 billion humans living on earth is definitely going to have a huge impact on the infrastructure of our precious eco-system.

The thing is, we have forgotten that we are one.

We walk around life thinking it’s all about us and we only need to worry about ourselves. We think we’re making choices but they are more like unconscious habits. My hope is that these natural disasters will ease up but the truth is, it may continue until we acknowledge our part in all of this. How do we treat the earth? How do we treat each other? How do we treat other living beings that roam alongside of us?

My answer? I do believe that natural disasters bring out the best in people. They bring out the best out of those who are asleep. These natural disasters act as a reminder to shake us and wake us up to what is real.

We are ALL warriors of the light if that is what we choose to be.

When we are conscious of the ground we stand on and the life that surrounds us, we will begin to see the earth as she is, a living being. The waste we accumulate, the trash we throw out, the food we eat, and our level of appreciation impacts our home. Choosing to be conscious about the effect your life has on this planet is an opportunity to incorporate altruism in everyday life. You can be a hero every day, before disaster strikes.

Gandhi said, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself” and it is the truest piece of wisdom I’ve ever applied and come to truly appreciate.

So where do you start?

Here are a few terms to be familiar with, regardless of where you are on the path, and organizations that will guide you towards becoming conscious of your impact on earth and all beings that inhabit her. It’s broken down into three parts to keep it simple. THIS IS HOW YOU CAN HELP, RIGHT NOW, FROM YOUR OWN HOME!

STEP 1: Becoming Consciousness — Being aware is half the battle. 
Greenhouse Emissions
Eating meat (specifically cow meat) is not only harmful to your body but it’s harmful to the planet. 
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Planet Plastic 
We are so unaware of how much trash, mostly plastic, washes up on the shores of every single beach on this earth
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STEP 2: Awakened Consciousness — Putting awareness into practice. 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
This slogan has been around for a while but we as a society are barely getting the hang of it. 
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I’m not suggesting that you have to “become” a vegan. I’m suggesting that you take a greater liking to fruits and plants. 
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STEP 3: Advanced Consciousness — #Lifegoals like whoa!
Zero Waste
Because now that you’re on the advanced side of things you should be contributing in an advanced kind of way.
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Living off the earth and giving back to the earth is the circle of life. 
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