If You Can Do This, You Will Make Better Choices

When you find yourself in the same situation over and over it’s because you haven’t been able to learn from it the first, second, or third time it happened. When groundhog day comes for you and your partner, this can be especially taxing on your relationship.

Recognize Patterns

It’s important to recognize that we are reflections of all that we experience.Partner’s sharpen each other and because we spend so much time together, we’re able to see deeper parts of ourselves through them.

We all have wounds and baggage from our past lives. It’s very possible that these lessons we thought we had learned, come back in different ways because that is the complexity of life. There are different aspects to everything and life will try to show us the different aspects of our ego, attachment, love, happiness, anger, sadness, etc.

“What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher.” ~Chuck Palahniuk

Recognize Attachments

It’s not like we plan for these moments to happen but when they arrive, they have a tendency to catch us by surprise. We immediately react to the feeling instead of being present and choosing the higher vibration. We attach ourselves to respect, what’s acceptable, what’s now, and our emotions. An emotion is only a thought that bore a feeling. The problem is, moments are fleeting and as soon as your ego is finished battling for it’s rightful place, the thought disappears along with the feeling that was once so powerful.

What a huge indication of how powerful our thoughts are. Your life can change completely with just ONE thought. Thoughts of hate cause actions of hate that lead us down a path of hate. Thoughts of love cause actions of love that lead us down a path of love.

If we want to tread down the middle path, “I” and “ego” need to be taken out of the equation so our higher vibration can take over and flip the switch. Stop acting based on emotion or feeling. Stop making decisions based on “I” and “ego”. Once we switch mentality from “my life” to “life” everything changes. It becomes a great big canvas for all of us to co-create together.

Conscious Thoughts = Conscious Choices

The thoughts we choose will continue to manifest until we decide to choose other thoughts; higher thoughts. This is what we’ve been working on and it’s been working! However, there are aspects of everything and these aspects surface by being “triggered”. These triggers are no joke. Basically they are emotional wounds. Just like physical wounds, if you put your finger in the hole, you will feel pain. What happens is, we feel the pain but we don’t question it. Instead we lose compassion and immediately export those feelings onto anything that touches it.

Once you recognize a pattern, find time to step back and release your attachments. Look at the world around you with the eyes of your heart. It will often take on a different shape.

And as much as we think we have control over the external world, we must continue to remember that we can only control our internal world. If we wish to see and experience x, it is up to us to first create the thought of x. Choose the lower and you will align with low energy. Choose higher and you will align with high energy. Once I did that, the unconditional love I felt for my partner was evident. However, I still felt like I needed guidance.

Ask For Guidance

I chose to clean my space, get on my mat, move my body, and breathe. I pulled out the spirit cards and asked for a message I could mediate on. After a few shuffles, one card popped right out of the deck.

I meditated, “The goodness in me honors the goodness in you” and repeated several times until I finally understood. The lower energy in me was honoring the lower energy in you. There’s no way to get out of that loop unless you make a conscious decision to. This left me with one question…

Who am I, when the goodness in me, honors the goodness in you?

In Lak’ech — Mayan for “I am another you”. 
Namaste — Sansrkit for “I bow to the God within you”.