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What Is Plant Medicine?

Plant medicines are plants whose properties provide medicinal value to us. We seem to think that drinking herbs that the earth offers to cure a sore throat, for gas and bloating, for heart health, or physical related illnesses is ok...

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What Is A Temazcal?

An Authentic Mexican Healing Experience It is a traditional Mexican sweat lodge that’s meant to purify the body.But really it’s so much more than that. Here’s what an authentic ceremony would look like. First comes preparation They build a large fire in which they heat 36 volcanic rocks. The fire is symbolically called, “El Abuelo” or “the grandfather” and the volcanic rocks are “las Abuelas” or “the grandmothers”. The fire cleanses and purifies us while the rocks hold our cosmic energies. It is believed they have been here since the beginning of time and hold the keys to our evolution. Inside the temazcal, a bed of fresh medicinal herbs is laid all around to create a higher frequency for healing....

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How To Transition From Drugs To Plant Medicines

First, I’d like to acknowledge a common misperception: plant medicine is a nice way of saying what it really is, a ‘drug’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I remember attending an ayahuasca ceremony where I used the word ‘drug’ and the shaman quickly corrected me. “This is not a drug, this is a sacred plant medicine.” My baddddd… My response was, “Oh, right! I’m sorry.” She was right and even though I’ve had life changing experiences with this medicine, it took me a while to truly understand what she meant. In order to grasp the significance, I had to check in with myself and do some internal cleaning. 1. Eliminate False Ideas Why have our governments chosen to criminalize plants that are meant...

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