What are Caminatas?

The word “caminata” can mean different things in different cultures. In the context of KYI’s spiritual Yoga retreats, caminatas are long walks where Nature helps you confront hidden aspects of your psyche. Traditionally, our caminatas happen after fasts or Veladas, where intensive work has been done to commune with spirit and the ego has been… Continue reading What are Caminatas?

What are Veladas?

Veladas are nocturnal spiritual gatherings aimed at progressing the practitioners towards the very ultimate expression of their lives in this reality. At a personal level, they are tokens of goodwill offered as a symbol of our desire to evolve in our path. Veladas go by different names depending on tradition. For example, in Hinduism and… Continue reading What are Veladas?

What are Icaros?

Icaros are shamanic songs that are used by healers, or curanderos, in many pre-hispanic ceremonies. They are spiritually led and used for healing, cleansing, and protection. These songs are traditionally passed down from shaman to shaman or created in the moment. “Or one might say that the icaro is a pretext for the shaman to transmit… Continue reading What are Icaros?

What Is A Temazcal?

What Is A Temazcal? An Authentic Mexican Healing Experience It is a traditional Mexican sweat lodge that’s meant to purify the body. But really it’s so much more than that. Here’s what an authentic ceremony would look like. First comes preparation They build a large fire in which they heat 36 volcanic rocks. The fire… Continue reading What Is A Temazcal?

What Is Plant Medicine?

What Is Plant Medicine? Ancient Healing Rituals That Bring Beautiful Transformation Plant medicines are plants whose properties provide medicinal value to us. We seem to think that drinking herbs that the earth offers to cure a sore throat, for gas and bloating, for heart health, or physical related illnesses is ok. What we’re forgetting is… Continue reading What Is Plant Medicine?