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Distance Reiki Treatment

Sending healing energy across times and distances.

Experience a virtual reiki treatment.

If you don’t live in Mérida, schedule a distance reiki treatment.

I use a special symbol during a distance reiki treatment.
This symbol allows me to connect across past, present, future, and distances

Treatment Duration
30 minutes

Energy during a distance reiki treatment, is much more intense than a face to face treatment.
For this reason, 20 minutes of distance reiki is equivalent to a 1 hour face to face.

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Who Is This Treatment For?

For those seeking emotional, mental or physical wellness.

Heal thyself.

Reiki treatments are for those who seek emotional, mental or physical wellbeing.

Reiki energy enhances the body’s natural healing processes. This treatment can assist you in developing emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Reiki induces deep relaxation, activates  chi or prana, helps with past or present difficulties, alleviates emotional stress, and enhances our overall wellbeing.

Energetic Imbalances Reiki Can Help With:


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How To Prepare For Distance Reiki Treatment

Find a spot in your home where you feel calm. Clean the space and create the vibe.

Create the space.

Light incense, add pillows, grab a special item and clear the space of distractions.

Create a space that is peaceful and tranquil, where you can focus in silence for at least 30 minutes.

Keep a pen and paper handy to write down intentions you may have before we start.

Two ways to receive treatment:


Lean up against a wall, sit on a pillow or a block.


Place a pillow under your head or knees.

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The Details

The location, cost and guide

How does this work?

Video Chat

First, sign up to book a treatment. Shortly after, you will receive an email to confirm your request. Once confirmed, you will have access to my calendar. Choose a date and time that works for you. Be on the look out for another email confirming your treatment and the link to connect.

The suggested donation is $10 USD.

However, I follow the tradition of Mikao Usui. Decide for yourself, based on the value you received and/or according to your economic circumstances, what the treatment is worth to you. Following the treatment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to donate.

Krystal Ariel


Traditional Japanese Reiki – Level 2 Okuden

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Awaken, heal, and balance your soul energy with a distance reiki treatment.

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