8 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas That Scream “I Consciously Love You”

Let’s face it, consumerism doesn’t give much thought towards keeping things eco-friendly. While we may not be fans of consumerism, giving is a beautiful thing. “But we are the conscious individuals who strive for less waste, less chemicals, less social pressure and hear the call to return to our natural roots.”

Carl Jung said, “What you resist persists”. Resisting leads to more of what you don’t want. Instead, let’s get in the game and move it in the direction we’d like to see it flow. So, I have a proposition for you. This consumerism season, spend money on products that promote the lifestyle that we love so we can continue to spread more of what we wish to see in the world.

Here are some eco-friendly options that say “I love you and Earth, too.”


For The Self-Love Enthusiast

100% Plant-Based Herbal Apothecary by BelloBody Skincare

BelloBody creates these beautiful eco-friendly boxes of self-love filled with body oils, facial mists, body butters, medicinal tinctures and more. You are going to get so hooked on this. Your skin will not want to go back to anything else. This is the ultimate pampering gift with ingredients that come straight from the earth; no chemicals AT ALL. Plus, BelloBody’s believes that everyone should be able to afford natural skincare, so their prices are a steal! Check out the apothecary at BelloBody Skincare.



For The DIY + Crafty Types

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by Malaquita

To truly live an eco-friendly life, you need that tools that will allow you to create all the things you will no longer buy. You can use essential oils to make your own cleaning products, deodorant, toothpaste, and the list goes on. However, not all essential oils are created equal. Malaquita’s essential oils are pure therapeutic grade, which means they are safe to use on your skin (diluted of course). I love their oils! Browse all of the essential oils at Malaquita.


For Those With Physical Ailments

Ayurvedic Medicinal Teas by Kiva Yoga Institute.

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science ever recorded and it is written that all medicinal practices of today stemmed from this ancient art of healing. It is about bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance to gain and maintain well-being. These medicinal teas are based on the principles of Ayurveda and really work to alleviate diabetes, digestive issues, heart problems, anxiety, and sore throats. All teas are made to order with high quality herbs, hand washed and dried, and tea packets are recyclable. Browse through all medicinal teas in the KYI shop.


For The Starting Garders + Plant Lovers

Easy Indoor Herb Garden by Click And Grow

Farm fresh is what everyone’s talking about these days but not everyone has access to a farm. For those apartment dwellers or homey types that are looking to awaken their green thumb, this Smart Herb Garden allows you to grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen. Imagine making spaghetti with fresh basil! The other plus to having an herb garden in your kitchen is the increase in oxygen. We have a beautiful give and take exchange with plants. Learning to care for and watching plants grow not only feeds us physically but mentally and emotionally.


For The Books + Philosophy Buffs

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Enlightenment by Lao Tzu.

Filled with quote-worthy wisdom and life changing insight for those who are into philosophy. Anyone who’s looking to uncover deeper aspects of themselves and ask the hard questions will find the tools they need through this ancient text. This book acts as a guide, or life manual for those seeking to walk the path of the master. The kind of book you’ll talk about in social settings and want to share with everyone.

This All-New Translation by William Scott Wilson, translates directly from the source. You can find it on Amazon.


For The Alternative Fashion Addicts

Zero-Waste Super Fashion by Zero Waste Daniel

This company is one of a handful of clothing brands that are leading the change to a zero-waste blueprint. No piece of fabric gets thrown out. Everything gets used. Their stores are also zero-waste as there is no packaging. I personally love creating outfits and expressing my individuality through fashion but I don’t want to contribute to fast fashion and waste. The world is a changing and it’s companies like Zero Waste Daniel that create opportunities for fashion to co-exist with a happier earth. Check out these awesome yoga pants!


For The Home + Kitchen

The “Any Milk You Want” Maker by SoyaJoy

This machine has been regarded as the best soy milk maker on the market. Store bought soy milk only contains 2% of soy to the gallon. Plus it’s full of preservatives, natural flavors and colorings. The SoyaJoy G4 allows you to make chemical free milk from soy, quinoa, almonds, rice and a few other things. Aside from this being a kick-ass gift for anyone to receive, it promotes a zero-waste lifestyle. You won’t be going to the supermarket and buying cartons of milk anymore, and you won’t be throwing them away either. Also, do you know how much money you’re going to save? Check out the SoyaJoy G4.


For The Explorers + Wanderlusts

Meditation, Ayurveda and Plant Medicine – Yoga Retreats by Kiva Yoga Institute

The greatest gift you can give to someone, is an experience. Ideal for those needing to disconnect with the world and reconnect with themselves. KYI retreats offer the perfect space to take it slow, spend time in nature and gather valuable life wisdom through the practices of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and plant medicines. People leave these retreats transformed. They’re able to heal and take back the tools they need to create the life they envision for themselves. What’s great about KYI is their payment installment feature. You decide how much and for how long to accommodate your needs. View all the retreats at Kiva Yoga Institute.



If you have suggestions on other zero-waste products or eco-friendly businesses that should be included in this article, send me an email with info to [email protected]

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