Five Elements Retreat Center

Five Elements
Retreat Center


Life unfolds effortlessly around us.

The harmony we seek resides clouded, underneath the web of thoughts that are accepted as truth. It remains elusive for as long as we allow ourselves to be a victim in the reality that we have unconsciously handcrafted.

Our retreat center provides the essential atmosphere to observe unconscious patterns, activate inner clarity, and step into consciousness. Embraced by a tropical forest, ancient teachings will guide you toward YOUR path; where life becomes as easy as breathing.


Xico, Veracruz

Xico is one of Mexico’s Magical Towns. It’s located on the foothills of Cofre del Perote, a shield volcano with the country’s 8th highest peak. The town is thriving with mountaneous landscapes, spring rivers, and wildlife. Its coffee, mole, pan de leña, and exquisite liquors have made the region famous.

The retreat center is located in the heart of Xico’s tropical forest. There is a river that runs through the property and has created natural pools. There are fresh, flowing springs that provide the houses with the highest quality water you have ever tasted and a wide variety of fruit trees.

We are in the process of making Five Elements self-sustainable by employing regenerative design and permaculture. It’s still early in our journey and we invite you to be a part of the story.