Language Is A Tool

No Language Barriers

You tap into another level of consciousness when you understand that language is a tool and not the only means for connection. Words often get in the way of what is really going on. It’s our dependency on words that encourage us to use labels and attach ourselves to spoken intelligence. If we put words aside and focused on feeling, facial expressions, eye contact, touch, and presence, what a different experience we would have.

We’ve experienced it both ways on many different occasions. For example, last year we led a retreat in Tulum, Mexico. We spoke in English with Spanish translations because the majority were English speakers.

This year, we led a retreat in Xico, Mexico. We spoke in Spanish with English translations because the majority were Spanish speakers.

On both occasions, the individual or individuals that did not speak the language (or spoke very little), expressed how much deeper they were able to go within themselves. They were much more aware of what was going on around them because they had to focus to understand. The experience was much more felt than spoken and they were able to connect without words.

Language is a tool, don’t allow it to limit the many ways in which we connect. Give your soul the opportunity to express itself in ways that don’t require words.

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