What Is Plant Medicine?

What Is Plant Medicine?

Ancient Healing Rituals That Bring Beautiful Transformation

Plant medicines are plants whose properties provide medicinal value to us. We seem to think that drinking herbs that the earth offers to cure a sore throat, for gas and bloating, for heart health, or physical related illnesses is ok. What we’re forgetting is that we are more than just physical beings. We are also emotional, spiritual, and intellectual beings. Humans ingest far beyond just a physical level.

So it makes sense that the earth would also provide us with medicinal plants to help heal our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects.

These plants are sacred and just like there is a recipe to prepare any medicine, there is much preparation in working with these plants.

Begin by aligning your attitude

To start off, our attitude needs to be aligned. If we are not aligned with the energy and intention of the plant, we are sure to miss all the wisdom it has to offer. When we are not aligned we fall into a beautiful but empty “feeling” or we could find ourselves deep in a dark pit, not understanding why. That is why it’s important to outwardly proclaim our intention with the plant. It’s purpose is to heal and uncover our internal truth that connects to eternal cosmic wisdom. Everyone is smudged, (energetically cleansed), to clear out stale or negative energies that might disrupt the journey. Smudging also helps to align our energy.

Create a safe and sacred space

After setting intentions, we create the space. This means a number of things. It means creating a space that feels and is visibly comforting, inviting and lights up with peace. It will look different every time depending on where you are and who you’re with. Each location adds it’s own flair with what the earth has to offer. For example, we used coconuts to create the circle since we happened to be on a coconut plantation in the heart of the biosphere.

The ceremony space we created on our last retreat in Tulum, summer of ‘17.

Create this space in a spot that has a nice balance of the five elements: ether, air, earth, water, and fire. ← The fire is a fundamental element in a ceremony. The fire is also known as “el Abuelo”. The fire holds eternal wisdom and helps to purify the space and our energy. All that we will be releasing from our bodies, emotions, and energetic field during ceremony, is burned in the fire.

One of the most breathtaking, heart stopping bonfires we experienced during one of our retreats in the Sian Ka’an.

Once the ceremony begins

We have aligned our mind, body, and spirit with the intention of healing and/or receiving knowledge that is needed in order to move forward in life.

We begin the ceremony by opening up and inviting the directions, angels, ancestors, and elements to offer their protection and guidance.

There are various different ways to receive the medicine, depending on which one you’re working with. Once the medicine is ingested, we still our bodies and minds with a deep meditation. Icaros, shamanic songs and chants, can be heard in the background, musically guiding and protecting the space.

Only those who have walked the path can truly understand what it means to experience yourself, the earth and the cosmos in this way. It’s power to awaken you to help you heal and transform your life, transcends language.


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